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Inspiring Educator

Sandy Iversen

Sandy Iversen

Application & Data Services Manager
Puyallup School District

Technical Hero

Shane Sears

Shane Sears

Application Analyst

Spokane Public Schools


Beth Lee

Beth Lee

Payroll Supervisor / Systems Analyst

Kennewick School District

Sandy Iversen has served with the Puyallup School District for the past 27 years in the Student system side of the house in E-School Plus application. She has worked on many applications through the years and has integrated many systems to provide student data which is crucial information within the school district. She continues to inspire others within her team and provides support throughout the region with PNWSUG. She serves as a stakeholder on the board for the State of Washington for school districts which deals with student information and requirements. She strongly believes E-School Plus is the Cadillac product and it is easy for users. She continues to build that partnership with PowerSchool who has been very responsive the past few years, and feels her immediate team is great team who looks for better ways to have the system work for them to provide up to date information. She feels she is successful due to her team.

Shane Sears has served with the Spokane Public Schools for the past 8 years in the IT department. He has worked with the Business Plus application as well as other systems that has integrated with Business Plus side of the house. He continues to enjoy working with his team at Spokane and feels they work together great as they deal with updates & changes throughout the year with the district. Shane understands both the technical and human aspects of powering others within the industry. When he believes there is support needed, he has reached out to other districts to provide insight and a hand. His ability to see that collaboration is an important Key within our PNWSUG community has led to providing support to our districts. The true aspects to feel the human side of the business is built in Shane, he has the ability to determine if the support is needed within his organization and with other districts.

Just to speak of one of those moments: In 2019, Washington school districts took on the task to implement the SEBB Health benefits system from in house insurance to state insurance. We dealt with many time-consuming tasks to complete this project. It was extremely overwhelming in many ways and that side of my emotions-Rachel Matthiesen, came out for me on a call with the Agency Health Care Authority as we discussed the implementation within our system. This call gave districts who were on PowerSchool product opportunity to ask questions and get guidance on the deadlines for certain parts of the benefits that needed to be reported. You could hear that I was pretty stressed, everything was changing rapidly and too fast for me at times, and I was sick losing my voice at the time. Fun times. I bring up that raw experience because Shane realized I needed a lifeline and he reached out to me to help me get the current information that Scott Murphy had completed within the files. He took the time to share what was created from the BT70 and common codes. He also took the time to reassure me that he was available if I needed anything. This shows the true character of Shane and this little act of kindness has been appreciated by our community and me.

Beth Lee has served with the Kennewick School District for the past 10 years as Payroll Supervisor/Systems Analyst. She continues to work with integrating within PowerSchool and other systems. She sees challenges as opportunities and brings fresh solutions and ideas to enhance the PowerSchool systems used at Kennewick. She has automated processes to create enhancements within the system to reassure accuracy and to have minimal manually entries. Her dedication to her district and team has shown within the work that has been accomplished at her school district. Within the PNWSUG community, we have benefited a great deal through the years from her insight and expertise with the PowerSchool system.

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